Occupational health and safety

Occupational health and safety:

  • contract-based performance of professional occupational safety tasks in accordance with Occupational Health and Safety Act (Technitian) 
  • technical bases for Statements on safety with risk assessments and their audits 
  • periodic examination of physics parameters in the work environment (temperature comfort, lighting, noise) 
  • initial and periodic inspections and tests of work equipment (machinery, equipment, installations, lifts and other devices …)
  • theoretical and practical training of workers for safe work and for operators of fork-lifts, heavy construction machinery, lifts and other 
  • software-supported keeping of individual records 
  • measurement of electrical quantities–examinations and tests of electrical and lighting installations 

Occupational health and safety in civil construction 

  • preparation of Safety plans for all buildings in the preparatory stage of the project 
  • carrying out coordination of occupational health and safety in the project implementation stage 


The responsible person:
Cezar Ostan
E-pošta: cezar@ostan.si
Gsm: +386 (0)41 650 471

Authorised project designer:
Anže Rutar
E-pošta: anze.rutar@ostan.si
Gsm: +386 (0)31 416 624